Change is constant…

At the beginning of this year I would have never thought I will come to enjoy running so much. I enjoy it so much, I woke up at 6 in Bali and went for a run! It was glorious! The terrain was rough, it started raining, I met wonderful people, I got lost, and came back. I completed 6kms in 45mins, this is not my best time but it’s my time.

Running has taught me to have patience and respect my body. Some days my will is stronger and more willing than my body, and that is ok. It’s not always easy but the body rewards; in more stamina, more energy, less injuries and overall happiness .

I have also discovered that running is the easiest way of learning new places. I know the street names, I know the early morning rituals that are performed in temples and I have seen the city awaken.

I would suggest a holiday run to anyone, you won’t regret it



Flaws and all….

When I let go of everything

I became everything.

When I stopped searching

I became the destination.

PS: all the pictures on my stories are taken at random places with no story except that it’s things that take my breath away at that moment. Like this one, I took it when were arriving in Zanzibar this year January. I didn’t know then, I will be my own destination! On that trip I learnt, you can never outrun yourself! Try as you might, you are stuck with yourself! Why not love yourself then? Why not be the future you want today? This means total acceptance of the person you are today! Flaws and all!