As long as the food is offered, I will eat

You say you love me

I love you too

You say you will never hurt me

Neither will I

You say you are mine

I will take that

You show me you love me

I will take that

Loving someone doesn’t mean they love you back or will love you the way you want to be shown love. Some people will stay and eat at the table as long as food is offered, not because they intend to stay. It’s the responsibility of the cook to determine the intentions of the diner and decide whether to serve them or not. One wouldn’t want to serve a roast lamb to a vegetarian, that would be a waste wouldn’t it?

I have found this to be true in relationships. So I have decided to be celibate . I will dine alone for a while, explore my tastes and enjoy my own food. It’s tempting to invite others to stay but I’ve found some diners have no intentions of staying for the conversations and helping with dishes or a glass of wine. As long the food is offered they will eat it. Since I want to share my food not just a taster, I will be celibate.



The loud woman who loves

She is beautiful!

If she walked in here you here you wouldn’t notice her for her beauty.

It’s not that she commands the room or has a very large presence.

The first thing you will notice about her is her loudness!

The loudness of her voice!

The loudness of her spirit!

The loudness of that red open scar on her face!

The loudness of the places she carries with her!

The loudness of her will to survive!

She claims to have built an ice cream shop and a brothel in the desert!

When I met her she told me, “I am not a hooker, but you will think me one. Trust me love, I am not. I am just a girl who loves to fuck! I love dick! I love beer! I love life! I love dick! Oh I am reaping that! Pardon me love” she said. I stood there mouth wide open, I think she noticed because she continued to shock me “I love the feel, the girth, the hardness, the smell, the way it hangs stiff and hard like Superman’s arm when he takes flight. I like when it touches my wet clitoris, just rubbing against it! Oh sweetie, I can come just thinking about it!” She is licking her lips and touching her punani as she speaks. “I don’t like it when they finger me though, I want him inside! I want him to stroke the base, the sides and the top of my walls. If he doesn’t fit, I close my legs and let him play on my lips, he thinks he is so big! But I’ve just got big lips”. How do you know all of this, I ask “sweetie I told you I love to fuck! And you look like you will need!”