Conversations with the mind

What do you do when you mind won’t be still?

Telling your heart to race at 1000km/hr,

Telling your pores to release all the fluids you have taken,

Telling your hands to dance to the speed of sound,

What happens when stillness eludes you?

You surrender!

No labels!

No resisting!

Just surrender



Imperfectly Perfect Love

I love how he looks at me,

As if I am the only female in the whole space.

I love how he cares about my feelings,

I love how he honors my presence,

I love that he sees me!

Truly sees me!

I love him!

I love his sexy legs!

I love his green eyes!

I love his faith!

I love his tenderness!

I love his sexiness!

I love his soul!

It speaks the same language as my soul….

Most of all I am grateful he is here!

I am grateful he sees me!

I am grateful he loves me!

He is God’s perfection to me…

He is God’s love in human form for me!

I love you L….

Dear Anxiety, my old friend

It has been a while,

But like the rain, I knew you would come…

So let’s talk…

What’s troubling you?

You are uncertain, uncomfortable and not in control…

That’s normal.

If you could do anything different , what would you do?

Be in control!

That’s nice but I can’t offer you that.

What can you offer?

I can offer compassion and acknowledgment,

I can sit with you, like tonight.

I cannot offer you my whole life though,

You can steal small parts of it though,

Very small parts,

You can visit, briefly.

I promise to ease your discomfort, I will let you go!!

Breath by breath….





Till we meet again old friend……


Breathe and Let Go

Sometimes you will be the perfect friend

Perfect lover

Perfect companion

His peace of mind

All you know love to be.

It still won’t matter when the love was never there to begin with.

It won’t matter when your definition of love is not the same, forever might mean a day..

It won’t matter when you not in his future plans.

Understand this.

Accept this.

Don’t try change him.

Take yourself into your corner,

Cry if you must,

And gently remove yourself from it!

Why stay if there are no ingredients to serve your meal?

Breathe and let go


I hope you All you can be

I hope you learn to still your heart

I hope you learn to enjoy it here

I hope you love so fully

I hope you find purpose daily

I hope you learn daily

I hope you learn there’s nothing to be anxious about

I hope you know you are loved, because you are

I hope you know you where you should because you are

I hope you love fully, because there is no other way to feel love

I hope you know you are beautiful, because my dear, you are stunning

I hope you know you are deserving, of all the great things you dream of

I hope you know you are love, in its purest form, that’s you

I hope you have forgiven your parents, they didn’t know better

I hope you have forgiven your teachers, they didn’t know better

I hope you have forgiven your friends, you didn’t know better

I hope you forgiven that boy, he didn’t know better

Most importantly,

I hope you have forgiven yourself , you didn’t know better

Now you do!

Forgive my darling…,