At Home, we Eat

She yells “cut the head off!!”

This is our meat for the night,

Cutting heads, cleaning the intestines and removing the feathers off our meat,

We fry the intestines and gizzards on grandma’s old pan,

Grandma cooks the rest on her gas stove,

She cooks uphuthu nemfino,

The smell of oil and curry fills the kitchen!

It feels good to be home


PS: I am sorry if the picture offends you, receive my apology. I ain’t sorry I am writing this though!!!


Infinite Suns

Legend has it,

There is more than one sun…

There’s infinite number of suns!

I was late for work this morning but I had to stop and take this shot! I have become a bit obsessed with the sun, I just love it. I think it’s largely to do with my current evolution. I feel like I am exiting a phase, as if everything I have learnt and versions I have been were leading me here. Similar to the sunrise as it bids farewell to the moon… Odd,,, ever had a similar feeling?


Imperfection is Perfect, at least for Me

I did this completely useless and pointless doodle for fun and to remind myself that it’s completely ok to do silly stuff sometimes. Just like I used to when I was a kid.

It’s imperfect

Lines cross where they shouldn’t

The colors don’t match

Granted, I am no Picasso!

The whole thing is silly,

But it’s mine!

I love it!

It reminds me that,

Life is simple and beautiful!

It’s imperfectly perfect!