At Home, we Eat

She yells “cut the head off!!”

This is our meat for the night,

Cutting heads, cleaning the intestines and removing the feathers off our meat,

We fry the intestines and gizzards on grandma’s old pan,

Grandma cooks the rest on her gas stove,

She cooks uphuthu nemfino,

The smell of oil and curry fills the kitchen!

It feels good to be home


PS: I am sorry if the picture offends you, receive my apology. I ain’t sorry I am writing this though!!!


The Book with no Full Stops

He was the book with no full stops,

Only commas,

And being an avid reader,

I was left fascinated,


I kept reading,

And reading,

Is there a full stop in sight,

None was coming,



Still no full stops,

Just comas,

He is like this crazy book,

I want to read,

And read,

I hope to not find the full stop,


True story though, I read a brilliant a book with no full stops recently. If interested in the name and author, let me know. Promise you won’t stop laughing

I don’t want your dead flowers!!!

I am in your heart?

Tell me now!

You love me?

Tell me now!

You are proud of me?

Tell me now!

I don’t want your dead flowers,

I don’t want your praises,

I don’t want your should haves and could haves,

I don’t want your tears

I am deaf now,

I am blind now,

I can’t feel anything of your world,

I have started my new chapter in another lifetime,

Let me go

I don’t want your tears

I don’t want your dead flowers

Keep them for the living


This post was inspired by the passing of the legendary Winnie Mandela. She was considered a villain when she was alive and now everyone is hailing her a hero! Hypocrisy much? It’s funny how we don’t give people their accolades when they can still say “thank you”. Instead we show our love by clothing the corpse in the most expensive suits and flashy funerals and tombstones. Me thinks it’s just to ease our own guilt, and has nothing to do with the love nor appreciation for the dead.

It’s only an opinion but I don’t want no dead flowers! Rest In Peace Mama Winnie.