The Beetles

I pray I am content as these beetles.

I long for their contentment.

I envy their stillness.

I love for their understanding of self.

Dear heart, please be content.

Dear mind, please be still.

Dear body, please be content.

Dear spirit, please awaken.



Ungentle reminders..

Worrying is not a verb!

Worrying is fear!

Worry is stuck!

Worry is paralysis!

Worry is the absence of God!


Surrender to what is!

Surrender to the moment!


You are here,

There is a lesson here,

There is purpose here!


Feed your fear compassion.

Feed your worry compassion.

Feed your paralysis compassion.

You belong here!

You belong to God!

You belong to yourself!

Create your reality through surrender!


Note: the photo isn’t mine.

The thing about love is that it’s an inside job

I met the love of of my love a few months ago,

I got lost in his and forgot me!

I forgot to feed my soul,

I forgot to tend my garden…

what a mistake that was!

It’s so easy to get caught in the feelings and forget self,

Reality is one needs to be selfish with self!

Feed self!

Love self!

Nurture self!

Tend to self!

You cannot offer what you are not!

Love is an expression of internal flow,

Create magic within,

And magic will appear externally!

Love self fiercely!

Love self fiercely!

Feed self!

Love self!

Only them can you love another!

Nothing can substitute self love,

Not even love from him!


Imperfectly Perfect Love

I love how he looks at me,

As if I am the only female in the whole space.

I love how he cares about my feelings,

I love how he honors my presence,

I love that he sees me!

Truly sees me!

I love him!

I love his sexy legs!

I love his green eyes!

I love his faith!

I love his tenderness!

I love his sexiness!

I love his soul!

It speaks the same language as my soul….

Most of all I am grateful he is here!

I am grateful he sees me!

I am grateful he loves me!

He is God’s perfection to me…

He is God’s love in human form for me!

I love you L….