Destination Unknown

Walking aimlessly is liberating..,

Destinations unknown!

Walking aimlessly is scary….

Destination unknown!

Walking aimlessly is uncomfortable….

Destination unknown!!

Destination unknown…..

She walks aimlessly….



No Labels Necessary….

Let me not be lose myself in you

Let me loose myself in me

Allow me to open the door for you,

I want you here,

But please….

Please my love don’t close all the windows,


Close the door,

Add wood to the fire,

I like our house warm.

Just don’t close the windows,

I like the sunshine,

I love the fragrance of the flowers in our house.

I love our house,

I love our warmth,

I want to be here!

I want you here!

No labels necessary!


Love, I am 30

My real birthday is June 1st but my certificates says June 4th. My dad messed up the days between my sister and I. So today I am 30, officially!

I am grateful for love

I am love

I am surrounded by love,

I am swimming in the river of love.

I am unfazed by judgement,

I am not ashamed of the woman I am,

I am in love with me!

I am in love with my blue eyed man,

I am in love with life!

Judge me at your own risk,

I don’t harbor any hate towards you,

I only pray it makes you happy!

At least as much as I am!


Let Love In: Gentle Reminders

Allow yourself to be happy!

Allow yourself to feel happy!

Allow yourself to live in the happiness!

Allow yourself to fully love!

Allow yourself to receive love!

Allow yourself to give love!

Let your heart rest!

Do not be anxious!

You belong here!

You are enough!

You are more than your past!

You are more than the lies they told about you!

You are more than the heartbreaks!

You deserve this!!

Receive it,

You deserve it!

Live in this moment!

Allow God to show up,

Allow him to show you love!

You deserve this!

Be happy!

Be in love!

Let love in!



I am learning to write about love,

I know how to write hurt,

I know how to write heartache,

I know how to write disappointment,

I know how to write hate!

I am learning to write love.

I am learning to write happiness.

I am learning to write romance.

I am learning to write needing.

I am learning to write vulnerability.

I am learning to write handsome.

And it is all summed up in Us

I am learning to write about YOU!

My body is sitting here,

But my being is amongst the clouds,

My being is floating in the essence of your love

My heart is pumping blood,

But it’s not here,

It’s singing me love songs,

Songs of you my love

I am falling in love with you