I am learning to write about love,

I know how to write hurt,

I know how to write heartache,

I know how to write disappointment,

I know how to write hate!

I am learning to write love.

I am learning to write happiness.

I am learning to write romance.

I am learning to write needing.

I am learning to write vulnerability.

I am learning to write handsome.

And it is all summed up in Us

I am learning to write about YOU!

My body is sitting here,

But my being is amongst the clouds,

My being is floating in the essence of your love

My heart is pumping blood,

But it’s not here,

It’s singing me love songs,

Songs of you my love

I am falling in love with you




Prepare for Happiness

Ask for what you want

And be prepared to receive it,

Just as you would prepare for the rain when clouds gather,

Happiness needs you to be prepared,

It prevents you from drowning


My birthdays have always been a time of reflection. I am always left feeling like I have not done enough. This year however, I can safely say, I am happy! Truly I am, I feel blessed! I am blessed! I am totes in love and I am right where I should be!

There’s that unpreparedness for the happiness though! That anxious voice telling me what if I lose it all today? My default had always been to go back to the familiar,but today I am not. Not because I have any certainty of the future, I don’t. It’s because I know I belong here, I am happy here, I have all I need here! If tomorrow should start and I am not happy, that is ok too! Because the needs of tomorrow are already provided for tomorrow! So today I live and I accept the present!


At Home, we Eat

She yells “cut the head off!!”

This is our meat for the night,

Cutting heads, cleaning the intestines and removing the feathers off our meat,

We fry the intestines and gizzards on grandma’s old pan,

Grandma cooks the rest on her gas stove,

She cooks uphuthu nemfino,

The smell of oil and curry fills the kitchen!

It feels good to be home


PS: I am sorry if the picture offends you, receive my apology. I ain’t sorry I am writing this though!!!

Mind, Body, Soul and Heart

Ain’t it funny how we teach and train the mind for so many years in schools,

But nobody teaches and trains the spirit , the body and heart…

Is it a wonder then that the we have become egotistic robots?

Is it a wonder then that we don’t know how to trust, we don’t know how to eat, we don’t know how to love?

We are good at judging, like I am doing now.. but we need to invest in ourselves.

As taught in school, problem solving steps are:

1. Identify the problem

2. Find alternative solutions

3. Apply best alternative

4. Go back to step 1

Not so bad after all…


The Book with no Full Stops

He was the book with no full stops,

Only commas,

And being an avid reader,

I was left fascinated,


I kept reading,

And reading,

Is there a full stop in sight,

None was coming,



Still no full stops,

Just comas,

He is like this crazy book,

I want to read,

And read,

I hope to not find the full stop,


True story though, I read a brilliant a book with no full stops recently. If interested in the name and author, let me know. Promise you won’t stop laughing

The Conundrum

Standing atop the mountains

Screams could be heard,

The eldest son was killed by Bab’Mkhize.

Bab’Mkhize’s youngest daughter is sad,

She is however relieved.

She knows the hurt will stop,

She knows she won’t have to play with the big black snake anymore.

The village is in commotion.

The policeman, the deceased baby brother wants justice!

Bab’Mkhize is in handcuffs,

He doesn’t mind,

At least his daughter will be safe from the monster.

How can he make sure the daughter is safe if he is prison?