The thing you are most afraid to feel is the place of your greatest peace. I used to be afraid of being hurt.

Ever since I’ve experienced heartbreak and hurt, my heart shut down! I became a bully and will always hurt people before they hurt me. Every time I opened up my heart, I would get hurt. Why? Because subconsciously I was looking for in men and women that could never give me peace. Why? Because I didn’t have it within me to begin with. You cannot receive what you don’t know or can’t visualize. Even if it’s right in front of you, you will have no idea how to receive it.

So sit and be with your fears. They are a guide to who you are. You may not like what you discover about yourself but awareness is the breakthrough. The cards on top of the table cannot be invisible, so is awareness.

Am I there? Nope, but at least I am aware.



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