I am no angel

He tells me;

“I love you so much, I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t get married!”

Forget the romance,

This ain’t no Romeo and Juliet,

This is in a busy street on our walk to school!

It should be noted,

I am 19

Just discovered the fun midnight snacks,

And sometimes midday 😜

I tell him,

“Why do you want to imprison me?

We are still young

I am still finding myself”

I think that’s when he decided to cheat,

I didn’t decide to cheat then,

But soon after that

I did cheat

Am I sorry?

Considering I was using his phone,

To text Valentine’s messages to my lover while he is filing my toenails

I am sorry

P.S: this is not bragging about cheating or being a bad ass but I think in my healing journey, I am giving myself permission to see other things I did to others. I honestly had no business being with him, but I wanted validation and acceptance and love; but had no idea what that love was. And now, I know better. And I know that was horrible, nobody deserves that kind of treatment. If I don’t want to be there, I don’t even enter anymore!



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