A great title doesn’t translate to a good story.

I should know this by now but I love good titles! Damn it! I am a sucker for them! I also love good opening lines!

Today I bought a book with an amazing title and a cover to match! Brilliant title! Funny cover! I was so excited to indulge in it, turned down the music, cigarette in hand and water nearby. What a disappointment!!

This got me thinking; aren’t relationships similar? You meet the handsome stranger, he says all the right things, promises to be a great read; only to be a collection of broken hearts and dreams deferred? Leaving you wondering, why didn’t I choose the less attractive cover? Why didn’t I listen to reviews? Why didn’t I consider that, maybe this was too good to be true?

It’s simple really, it’s advertising. You end up with the cover that resonates with you now! One that compels you to read the book. You want to believe that the great cover is a representation of the great story inside the book. It may turn out to be a disappointment but that thought doesn’t even cross your mind!

When it does turn out to be a disappointment like my book, you close it, hoping to return to it one day. Books have yo be finished! Books have to be perfectly timed, one can hardly finish a sad book when one is in a happy place. Maybe it’s not the book that is bad or disappointing, maybe it’s just the season that doesn’t correlate with the book.

In the end aren’t we all just a collection of broken hearts and dreams deferred, covered in beautiful smiles, waiting for someone to read us at the right season?

We all just want to share our stories….



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