“If he loves you he will make time for you and treat you like a queen”

I am a woman and I find the above very romantic and somehow annoying. He is just going to quit his job and hobbies and make sure he calls you all the time and spend the whole day obsessing about you and your punani? Come on, this isn’t Fifty Shades of Grey (with that bored billionaire, Christian).

I am saying this because I hear a lot of women quote the above in an attempt to get a guy to “be available”. So no friends, no social life, just tend to her needs. What are the responsibilities of the woman in this transaction? Is it fair for the guy to expect a home cooked meal daily? Is it alright for him to expect the woman to leave her friends and tend to his needs? Feminists, rise up!!!!

The truth is if a person in love with another they will make time for them but not constantly. Life isn’t constant, we have off days and happy days. I learnt from the doofus I am with that relationships are also similar. We ride the “high, love you forever” waves and hope it sustains us in the valleys of “ why do you chew with your mouth open? Why is your nose so big? You are so ugly!” I mean I have those days and so does he but that doesn’t mean we are not in love with each other, sometimes it just means you want to be left alone! Sometimes it means, I want him to wash my feet and grovel, because I mean let’s face it, I am a queen!

I think it all comes from the point of “Maktub “. It’s all written! I am not about to force the hand of God trying to convince him I am catch! I know this, if he doesn’t: why is he in my life?

Maybe I am simplifying something that cannot be simplified, I don’t know. Anyway, that’s my opinion!



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