Sex doll owners, no women for you

This is a continuation of an earlier post about why I am pro-sex dolls, in this post I will explain why sex doll owners should just stick to sex dolls.

Well sex dolls are just that, dolls! So if a man owns one for the sake of hanky panky and avoiding boredom, that man cannot be trusted around women. Women are beings with a mind and feelings and a whole of other “human” traits I seem to have forgotten now.

It’s those human traits that differentiate between the doll and a woman. This will create conflict in the human relationship because he won’t know how to treat a real woman with her own mind and feelings, who can also say NO to hanky-panky. I think this will create violent encounters and the relationship will be miserable for the both of them. The woman might feel unseen and unheard for Who she really is and the guy will not comprehend why she insists on doing things or saying things (remember the doll just lies there, saying nothing and doing nothing ).To avoid all of this, sex doll owners must just stick to sex dolls, or better yet go to therapy to be rehabilitated of the “sex doll” before entering a relationship.

Again, this is my opinion and I don’t think I did a good job writing this but I think it highlights the points I wanted to talk about.



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