You are enough

I am not a celebrity and have no aspirations of being one, however I have gone through things that I am sure some people have too. This post is about just that, sharing somethings I have learnt.

When I was 7 years old I was raped by a neighbor I referred to as uncle. I carried so much shame and unworthiness from the experience, all the way to my adulthood. I basically went on a spree looking for punishment and validation of how unworthy I was, in relationship and interactions.

So what is the point of this one might ask. The point is I am in a better space now, I am happy, I know my worth! So for everyone who has been in a similar situation or worse, the message is it gets better!!! As long as you are here, your journey isn’t over! Your journey to healing may not be instant nor easy but it will happen!

I leant this because it happened to me. I was carrying all of these things without even realizing it until I had what I’ve termed “the awakening” in one of my older posts. I couldn’t ignore it anymore, I had to deal with it and when I was ready a teacher appeared! So it shall be for you! It will get better! Trust the process and you will reclaim yourself again.

Our lives are constant learning phases and your worth doesn’t have to be stuck at grade 1 class. Happy healing and reclaiming your worth.



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