Sex dolls- the best earth conservation tool

According to scientists and conservationists the earth is running out of resources to sustain the ever growing human race. We simply do not have enough for everyone! Something has got to give, viola: bring in the sex dolls!

I think sex dolls are the greatest invention! Here are a few reasons why:

  • The women (of all races) have found their voices and continuously refuse to settle for f*ckboys out there. As a result it has become increasingly difficult for these guys to get a woman, the sex dolls won’t ask them to “be a man!”.
  • Sex dolls will not force you to go to men’s clinic to get your erectile dysfunction sorted. Hard or limp penis, all is well with dolly!
  • Sex dolls won’t fall pregnant! Can I get an Amen! No child support! No baby mama drama! No evidence that you have “that kind of sex” wink wink nudge nudge!
  • Dolly will never tell you about that time of the month! Ever ready as long as you have ever ready batteries
  • For the sadists, yes there are sadists out there! The likes of Ted Bundy! You can choke and stab and bite and even kill dolly if you want! No serial sadist manhunt will be initiated! No reason to even get that shit checked out!
  • You like in the back? No need for enemas or begging for it and risk being judged! Dolly has a hole! Just fill it my brother!! Anyhow!
  • Lack social skills? No problem, Dolly’s got you covered! No need to put yourself out there and risk women saying no and laughing at you!

I think what I like about the sex dolls is that anyone can get laid and we can maybe conserve what is left of the earth’s resources. They should just invent the male version of the doll, take out the need to have sex and risk having a “unplanned babies”

One condition I think should apply to the sex dolls: any guy who owns a doll must stick to the doll and not date real women!

I will explain on another post, but trust me; it’s for the best!



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