I hope you fall in love with the woman you are becoming; every single day!!!

I pray you learn to forgive yourself over and over again

I pray you learn from your mistakes; and more importantly to never let them define you!

I pray you give yourself time! Time for yourself! Time for you! Time to grow and heal!

I pray you learn that the only way out is through! This is true for pain; sorrow; happiness and all kinds of feelings. You will need to sit with them and feel them; only then do you get out!

I pray you never stop learning! Always be open and learn!

I pray you learn to love yourself so fiercely that no mediocre type love exists in your sphere!

I pray you learn to always put yourself first! Be selfish!!!

I pray you never conform! Never lose your sense of self! Follow your true North! Always!!

I pray you always trust your instincts or vibe of energy! Trust me love, it never lies!

I pray you never forget to pray! In the chaos and the world of absolutes, I pray you are never afraid to admit you do not know! This is the moment of miracles! When you “be still and know that I am God”

Lastly; I pray your life is a beautiful adventure filled with love! And content! And knowing this: YOU BELONG HERE! LIKE THE BIRDS AND THE STARS AND THE SUN AND THE MOON! YOU MY DEAR, BELONG HERE AND YOU ARE WHOLE!


Disclaimer: this was for my goddaughter, just thought I would share


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