Isn’t being gay normal?

So this friend of mine dated this guy. This guy was so gentle and sweet and loving, basically everything she wanted in a guy. He understood her, they would have long conversations about life and all things soulful. She couldn’t believe how blessed and lucky she was to have this guy in her life.

They met at a guy club, this was the reason my friend decided no to even consider him potential, because she assumed he was gay. He came into the club and spoke to some guy, all close and personal. Surely he had to be gay. She gave him her number, so they can be friends. He disappeared with the other gentleman.

He called her a few weeks later. They spoke about everything, as if they had known each other for years. The subject of sexual fantasies was brought up, and his fantasy and ultimate sexual pleasure was: ANAL! This wouldn’t have raised any eyebrows had they met at a coffee shop or normal “straight ” club. Let me say despite our warning, my friend was very open minded and didn’t mind any of these ‘perceived warning signs’. She continued with her relationship.

So they had sex the first time. As far as we know it wasn’t something to write home about, he wasn’t really keen on the act of sex rather receiving blowjobs that’s what excited him the most. He kept asking her to be open minded about the ANAL thing. Why anal? Apparently the ass is ‘Firm, hard and taboo’. We questioned this, normally female asses are not that hard? We get the taboo part but, hard? ???

My friend undeterred, continued this encounter. The guy confirmed that he had a girlfriend, apparently? When? How? This girlfriend was there apparently. On one occasion he went on a weekend getaway with his ‘male’ cousin and others? She didn’t tell us this until now that she knows for sure. Another red flag she tells us, the guy was very friendly with guys. He noticed guy’s features more than the females, and somehow always if left alone with a guy will automatically have his number and they were friends. His mannerisms as well, but maybe she is just jilted and mad because she missed the signs and threw herself at a guy who could only like her as a friend and is still struggling with his sexuality at 41 years old.

This brings me to my initial question: in this day and age, isn’t being gay normal? I don’t understand why he is still hiding this? I mean sure the guy leaves with his Christian parents at the age of 41 but come on!!! Move out and get your own space! And fuck whoever and whenever you want without lurking in the shadows in gay clubs pretending to be straight. Here’s the truth, nobody cares anyway! People have their own stuff to deal with! I am sure even his parents will be talking about it for a little while and if they found out and get back to their own shit!

What he did was unnecessary and hurtful to my friend. As for my friend, you had no way of knowing sweets! He has been hiding it for 41 years!!! It’s no reflection on your part! Move on and hope he finds it his heart to live a life true to himself.



2 thoughts on “Isn’t being gay normal?

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