Reflections of a serial dater

I wrote the following on a solo trip after my latest “relationship” had blown up in my face.

2017 so far

I learnt quite a few things this year from lovers I am even disgusted to call them that word! Alas, it’s lessons learnt anyway; so I am going to share a few.

  1. Don’t date because you are bored or lonely. Trust me, in this state you will date the most miserable souls; and trust me there are plenty! And because you have no business dating this miserable soul it’s going to end, in regret, self-loathing and have you wishing for an eraser.
  2. Put your health and yourself first, always. Don’t let anyone put your health at risk at any point. Even if it ends, you will thank yourself later.

  3. Listen to your instincts. No matter how amazing someone is, if you don’t vibe at the same level ; it won’t work. The person can be the most suited on paper but if they don’t treat the waiter with the same respect offered to any other person, leave. You are only useful to them because they define people according to class. The thing about this class is that it’s very shifty and changes according to their needs.
  4. Lastly, just because you love someone doesn’t mean they love you back! Some people will take things because you are giving them with zero interest nor intention to return them. Unless you are robot and won’t catch feelings; rather stay away!

And it’s a full moon 🌕. Exciting! I am sending out lots of love. To myself, to my spirit, to my body, to my mind and emotions. I am love so I will always go back to that! I toast to small victories and my being!!! Here’s to the good life kiddo!!! I am a child of the universe after all; I have a right to be here! I am taken care of completely! I am whole!



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