I love you 

I met myself when I was 27

After years of self loathing 

I realized, I am stuck in this body 

I can spend a lifetime hiding it and hating it 

Or I can embrace it 

I chose the later 

What a beautiful journey it has been

A journey of love 

A journey of respect 

Learning to be selective 

Owning myself 

Being selfish with myself 

Loving my body 

Loving the curves
Loving the dimples on my thighs and butt

Embracing my flabby arms

Loving the scars on my body 

Unapologetically wearing a bikini 

Dancing to my rhythm in my heart 

I love you 
I love you 

I love you 

I don’t aspire to fit in any box

I am misfit

But I fit in myself, and there is no other place I would rather be!!! 



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