Quarter life crisis

On my 28th birthday, I had a quarter life crisis. I was depressed and questioned everything about my life. It didnt feel like I was where I should be or planned to be. I was sick! 

I think we get emotionally sick partly because we hold to what and who we thought we should be. I have a definition of me in my twenties and I like it but as a person shortly entering her thirties, can I really hold on to this definition? Is it even possible? It’s too hard. Another thing I have noticed is that the definition of success changes greatly. In my twenties my goals were pretty clear; progress to the next year, finish grad school, buy a car, get a job, buy a house, get a masters etc. In my thirties however this definition doesn’t hold anymore. I would like to find this definition but the process is very scary. A friend of mine said “rachel what you need is to really be honest with yourself, redine it the best way you see fit”. 

I don’t know a lot but I am committed to the process. I am trusting that I am right where I need to be. 

Learning still



2 thoughts on “Quarter life crisis

  1. You’ve just offered the best solution for your worries, ‘You’re right where you supposed to be when you’re supposed to be’. Relax, enjoy the ride and watch as dreams and your life unfolds!

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