If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans

Blasphemy!! I know! It’s not, trust me!

This isn’t meant as a ridicule or to make you feel like you don’t matter. You matter, a lot actually hence God took his time and created you in his image. He laughs because most of the time we make plans driven by greed, jealousy, people pleasing and a lot of things that are not in your life’s plan. This is all in the illusion of choice: you have a choice! Do you really? If you did surely life will always work out as you plan, always! Wouldn’t it?

I recently learnt that life is about polarities! You get the good and the bad, life is karma in a way. Being a true believer in the secret and positive thinking I have struggled to get to this point because I can’t just allow my life to happen! I need to plan! I need to know the possible outcomes! However after years of hits and misses, years of planning and visualizing the best life and missing; I got here! I had to.

Faith is about surrendering to the flow and the rhythm of your soul and connectedness to the source. At 23 when I got my faith tattoo, I didn’t know this. I believed life was about visualizing and attraction, but I am
So glad I got here!! I was tired of the fear of thinking the wrong thing or the negative thing!!! What a relief it is to surrender to God’s plan and just go with the flow! I know there will be good and bad times but through it all; I will be just fine! Just like the bloom of flowers in the summer, whether you want them in winter or not! I will also bloom at the right time. I belong here!



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