The biggest lie the devil ever told was that he can steal our blessings!

That’s why people will pay thousands of rands to the prophet and fake pastors in an attempt to ‘get their blessings from the evil one’! Really???? Your bless are your talents given to you by God! No one can take them or bring them to you; you simply have them! 
The problem is we dwell in our point of lack and other people’s experiences of lack! We take these temporary experiences and make them our future. In any situation you find yourself; be there fully! Experience that place fully;learn the lessons to be learnt. It’s not punishment; you have something to learn in that valley. 

God is love. 

The birds don’t sow anything but eat daily! You like the birds have a right to be here! Nobody can’t stop your destiny or talents. Relax! Be present! Trust the source! You belong here! Listen to your heart! 



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