Being a black woman 

I grew up in some part of Africa. I had a very lovely monochrome upbringing. I never realized how black I was until I started working in a non-monochrome province. Not only did I suddenly notice that I was black but that I was a woman too! I am not writing this to offend some people but to highlight a few things. 
I have seen that a generation of white people do not know how to interact with a black woman; let alone treat her like an equal. I get it; the only interaction they have with black women is their maids and secretaries who make them coffee and iron their clothes. Here’s my problem; I am not about to start apologizing for being black! I will not apologize for being a woman! I will not bow my head and shrink to make other people feel better about themselves. I do not even feel sorry for them; because change is constant and must be embraced. Our parents forgave; some even forgot so why can’t you let go of your racist ideas?
Racism is that fake giggle that black people have mastered when the subject of politics,race, land reform or some other idea that legitimizes black people as just that: people. We cannot continue laughing at jokes about uneducated black people, we cannot laugh anymore at the idea that blacks are lazy, we cannot tolerate intolerance of blacks owning their land. I can see how the racist people will be thinking, remember the land and the privilege you have was not earned it was stolen. You wonder where we would be if you hadn’t arrived? We would be just fine! Evolution is not a white idea, it’s a universal idea! It’s a people idea! We would have done just fine without you! You can leave us and see. By leaving I mean: leave! Do not fund some black on black war! Do not fund divisions! Do not meddle in our stuff let us be. 

A lot of work has gone into brainwashing the black man to hate himself. That’s why black men would rather take a video of a woman getting beaten than intervene in her defense! This current generation of black women and men was raised by their grandmothers and mothers because the men were at the guerrilla wars in foreign countries. That’s exactly the problem! The men have lost their position. I empathize with the black man and ask myself constantly; how can we as black women help the black man get back to his position? 
Black men; help me help you! How can I help you get back to your position? I know the frustration comes on the form of anger and disrespect and it’s unfair. We need to build each other! 

As for me; I refuse to be bullied because you do not understand me. I will respect those who respect me! I don’t live for your validation! Do you not see the goddess dripping in divine melanin? My God gave me gifts and space so pardon me; I will speak up if you step on my toes! Like the stars and the moon, I have a right to be here. The sooner you embrace it; the sooner you will learn we not all that different. In this world there is more than enough for everyone, occupy your space and I will occupy mine! 



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