Always a pleasure listening to the sound of your thoughts
I love hearing your heart beat 

A reminder 

I am here

You see me

I feel you

Flesh in flesh

We are here

We make sweet love

Dripping wet 

Until We drop to the moans and screams

Did you know pleasure sings?

Neither did I

Sweet blissful pleasure 

‘If music be the food of love; play one’ 

Oh yes!!

Play that sweet music again

I didn’t know body on body is this beautiful 

Sing me more songs 

Yours is the only song I want

The sweet caress of your body against mine 

Your lips taste just like the bass guitar 

Play me that bass boy! 

Play it all over my body

I like it when you show off like that


Lips on lips

Hand to inner thighs 

Lips to inner thighs   

Lips to mic 🎤 

Let me sing you a song too

Dripping until we drop

Music is beautiful 



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