What’s wrong with being alone?

Today I decided to travel to a national park, alone. I was excited to go to the highest point of the park so I can listen to the birds and the wind and attempt to touch the sky. 
I got a lot of questions and funny looks. One lady asked me ‘are you alone?’ I smiled politely and sad yes I am; she answered ‘ wow you going to get bored’ I was bored in my house hence I decided to go to the park and let nature entertain me. Another guy asked me ‘where are your children?’ To which I answered ‘I don’t have any’. He looked so shocked and asked if I had a boyfriend and I said, no. He stopped talking to me and walked away.

Funny thing is, none of these people asked me if I was happy, none saw me as complete. I needed another to complete me! How sad it must be that we go into relationships to be complete or not be bored. I feel complete by myself, I would like a meaningful relationship but that doesn’t mean I want to be joined in the hip with my partner. I believe love is freedom! I’ve been alone long enough to know I won’t be able to handle joined in the hip type of love! I need my freedom! 

Maybe just maybe the questions we should be asking when we meet people we assume are lonely is ‘are you happy? Are you well?’ I’ve been in enough toxic relationships to know I am better waiting for the one than wasting my energy on trying not to look lonely! Again Maktub: I can never force the hand of God so I let everything flow as it should. Until then, I will travel alone, go to restaurants alone; the world is just going to have to adjust!



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