Love is

What is love? Is it a relationship? What are the boundaries of this love? Does love mean I own you? Do I own your heart? Your desires? Does it have to have a definition? Who comes up with this definition? I think we are love so love is an expression of who we are; merely an extension. When I say I love you here’s what I mean:

1. I love you just because I love you not because I expect you to do anything with that love. If I feel like I am being disrespected or unappreciated it’s not on you; I should own that and love you at a distance because truth is love is unending. 

2. I want to be in your life to help you be the best version of yourself. I don’t own you nor do I own your dreams. 

3. I used to be afraid of the dark growing up but now it’s the place I go to dream. So this love also acknowledges that you have your dark place and need to go there to dream or heal sometimes. I will not ask you to justify that need.

4. My love is freedom. Freedom to be what you want when you want because nobody can really own anyone. 

5. Maktub. It took me a very long time to get this but it’s true; everything is written; all that’s meant to be will be. You can’t force the hand of God. So I love you because I love you whether it’s forever or someone else’s I don’t care because love is love.

Therefore as you hit the big 4.0. just know that you are loved. A love that that is simple and asks for nothing in return. Maktub . Be the best version of yourself for you! The rest will fall into place 

Note: I sent this to my friend on his 40th birthday, it’s so liberating to love a person like this. I didn’t know I was capable but I am as it turns out and it feels sooooo good!



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