I haven’t forgotten you. I know we have just started this journey, I know we are healing. Some days it feels like the walls are closing in on you; allow this to happen. Feel the closure and find the source of these feelings. Are you living in the past or the future? Why are you anxious? What is that you haven’t processed? What is it that needs your attention?
Do you feel like you lack? Why? Connect to the source!

Allowed people into your life that don’t reciprocate your presence? Learn from this. Do not allow yourself to lose you in the process of loving somebody else. Love with no expectations. Love because you are love not because you need to be loved. You are enough love. 

Feel like you running out of time? Repeat after me “as long I am here, I am never out of time! I can still achieve all that my heart desires! I’ve got more than enough time”

Feel like you not spiritual enough? According to who really? The ever present and ever knowing God? Did he make a mistake with you? God is love! You are loved! You are love! You always connected. 

Calm down. Don’t be so harsh with yourself. This isn’t a sprint! This is a journey! Take your time! Love! Travel! Write! Be you! Listen to yourself! Nurture yourself! Lightly, gently, when you ready you will jump.. even if it doesn’t last; remember; remember this is a journey and one who started it will finish it! 



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