” At 7 years old I was raped; I am a feminist and a sub” I know all feminists reading this are disgusted, feel sorry for me and want to come with me to kill my rapist. 

If your thinking is like theirs; I get you but please don’t. I’ve killed my rapist a hundred times already. I took my power back though a lifetime of anger, grief and counseling. It’s my power now! I can do whatever I want to do with it!! Mine! Isn’t that being a feminist? Owning your womanhood? Owning your sexuality? At least for me it’s one aspect of it. 

I am a sub, yes. I like offering my power to my dom. That doesn’t mean I want him to abuse me, nope. It means I allow him access to my body for our pleasure. I offer him my body to do whatever he wants to do with it because I trust him! I trust he won’t hurt me! That’s trust I only got through healing. There’s a very fine climax-inducing line between pain and pleasure we’ve found. It’s in this place that me and him meet. With my eyes shut, hands tied and mouth gagged; I see his soul. At any point I CAN stop the whole process. He sees only my nakedness and pleasure; who really holds the power here? 

Like I said I am a feminist and a sub

(The capital letter was placed by the sub)


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