Sex is art

Pablo Picasso said “sex is art”. I have not mastered the skill of separating art and reality, or sex and love or love and art. I don’t know how to half give my body to someone yet give my heart to another. I know how to give my body, soul and love to a person. I don’t have half offers. You either getting the full package or none at all. 

Please I beg you though, do not ask me how! Do not ask me to explain how I can love two of you at the same time. It’s not the same love, it’s not half love. It’s full love! I love you! That should be enough for you! Do not seek to own me love because I only truly belong to myself! I can not promise you forever, unchanging love because I am still trying to define that for myself. I am work in progress, bear with me. Surely the journey is worth it, I hope. 

Love rachel 


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