When the student is ready, the teacher appears 

I have always loved this saying. It’s beautiful. It’s only today that I am getting the true meaning of it. Having reached rock bottom It dawned on me…. I learnt to ask for what and got it. I wasn’t a victim, I offered and opened myself to pleasure and I got it in my terms!! It wasn’t the best or as it turns out because it came from someone but it was ok. I opened myself up willingly!! I gave myself to another, willingly. I got it on my terms! Mine! Being an abuse survivor, this is very empowering. It’s an opportunity to take back your power, be in control of all of you including your body. That’s what real power is! 
Lesson learnt: ask for what you want and be ready to receive it! The way you want it. There’s great power that lies in opening yourself up, sharing yourself. There’s a whole lot of responsibility also that comes with it. 

I am loving this moment. I am learning to take back my power and use it for love, for poetry and lots of music. 



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