The lovers that never return

I’ve seen how hard women have become because of lovers that promised forever only to never return in the morning. Sweetness soften up. Let go of the expectations of love Cinderella showed you, there are no glass slippers here. Learn to be the love you think you deserve. Grow your own garden first, water your own shrub and love yourself so fiercely. Learn my darling that no amount of love from anyone else replaces your own. Self love is the greatest form of love. Love yourself. They will tell you about how you should be loved but not your responsibility to love yourself first. Cinderella didn’t love herself or know herself my sweet, which is why she had to just settle for the riches and the first guy to smile at her. Had she did she would have traveled, fell in love not in Prince Charming who fell in love with a glass slipper. Once you learn self love everything is easy. The expectations are gone, you live because love is life. Not for validation nor acceptance nor relevance but you love just for your soul. You love because your frequency is matched. Love is the essence of the soul that’s why you love. 



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