A letter to Ndumi 

Mntanami I know you have been hurt so badly, your trust has been violated and you don’t know what to do or how to heal this. You don’t have to carry this on your own, I belive you. I know it happedned, I acknowledge your pain, I validate your pain, I feel your pain. I know that man hurt you so bad all for a packet of cookies. 
You my dear are not at fault here,it was not your fault, you didn’t invite this into your life. You didn’t do anything wrong, you did what all other 7 year olds do and played with your friends. The perversion isn’t your fault it’s his, don’t own his demons.

 You are innocent and  beautiful, you don’t have to hide from yourself,  a true to you. I love you and I am here for you alto always. I am willing to go into this healing journey with you. 

Ndumi, for a while Rachel is taking a break and I will write as myself if needed. I am going on a journey within before I go without. 

Thank you 


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