Come on, let’s live here in the PRESENT

In a world of constant self evaluation and medication, it’s perfectly healthy to be ok. It’s ok to be happy and not need anything, it’s ok to stop and count your blessings. I think you will find you are right where you should be, at this exact moment, this time. You are enlightened, right here in the present. You can totally move from light to more light, more health, more love, more of everything you need.

Being content is not synonymous with lazy or uninspired. I’ve found all the time my discontent comes from either romanticizing the past or rushing past to the future. A good friend of mine told me, life is simple, don’t over analyse it! I took this and decided to count my blessings, and at the moment I am really happy! Genuinely happy, I don’t lack anything, I am glad my past brought me here and I know my future is great as I leave it in God’s hands. I live here and now! And it feels pretty amazing!!!

Come on, let’s live here, in the PRESENT

love rachel


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