I swear I am over him

I am happily in love

My man is so sweet

and so we are in love

He looks at me as if i am made of stars

One text from HIM

One: have dinner with me!

Brush up my hair

Put on my most expensive perfume

killer heels, that red lipstick

I am at a restaurant

sitting across me is HIM!

Him who broke my heart

Him who drove me to depression

Him I’ve been searching for in every man

Him who owns my heart!

Him! Damn it! Him

All is forgotten

I am 23 again

All that matters now is HIM!

My phone is switched off!

Cant let HIM know about him.

But him loves me! He adores me!

But HIM owns my heart

Cupid really is irresponsible!

My heart sings though, all giddy I can’t even sleep.

My happiness is a four letter word HIM-P




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