Senzeni na?(What have we done?)

I was born a sin! Being born a woman in my country is synonymous to being a sin!

This morning I woke up to then news that a 22 year old young woman was burnt with pertrol and acid beyond recognition, by her boyfriend!!!!

By her boyfriend! Let that sink in!!! To top it all off, he was helping the family look for her after she was reported missing!

This obviously started a whole lot of debate about gender violence everywhere in the country, including my classroom. I sit in a class of 9 men and I am the only woman for this course I am taking. Some of the statements uttered during this debate include the following:

1. Women need to be careful when choosing partners.

2. Maybe it was an accident. You know how women are, in the heat of an argument (you know how you women are) maybe he just pushed her to death, panicked and burnt her.

3. It’s probably something she did.

4. I would do the same if I have spent my money and time on her and she cheats on me.

5. I once bought my girlfriend a car, she cheated on me and stopped coming to see me; I called some gangster friends of mine to hijack her. After the hijacking, she called me and came back to me crawling. After the incident she behaved knowing I am very dangerous, she knew not to mess with me.

6. He was a bad man, that man was a bad man!

7. Relationships are about control! You have to control the relationship! You do this with money! Guaranteed!

8. You know I can even have you Rachel, I can just arrange my friends to hijack you and bring you to me. It can all happen tonight!!! Women need control!

9. You need to be controllable to have a husband. Be submissive!

After all of this, I was left defeated and a little scared. Then I remembered the words of Malcom X “We want freedom by any means necessary. We want justice by any means necessary. We want equality by any means necessary. We don’t feel that in 1964, living in a country that is supposedly based upon freedom, and supposedly the leader of the free world, we don’t think that we should have to sit around and wait for some segregationist congressmen and senators and a President from Texas in Washington, D. C., to make up their minds that our people are due now some degree of civil rights. No, we want it now or we don’t think anybody should have it.”

So as for me, I will protect myself by any means necessary!!! Clearly i live in a jungle and some of my fellow brothers have become predators; so what do I say to that? If you touch me: we going together!!!! You may over power me today, but I will hunt you down and burn you alive! If you succeed in killing me; I will be your worst nightmare!!! I will haunt you, and the next 10000000 generations to come!




One thought on “Senzeni na?(What have we done?)

  1. This is unbelievable, I can not fathom the idea that we are still talking about bringing a change in the world while there is no such thing as a “world”, It is just a word. If individuals do not change for good and keep expounding such theories about why they should control some one else or women for that matter, we as a species are doomed for sure.

    Even animals do not have the kind of problems we humans have created. It is just sad. I know it is not easy to share such stories but thanks for doing it.

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