Things learnt on a solo trip

I recently took a trip solo to a country I didn’t know. I didn’t even know how to greet in any of their native languages but off I went. I had so much fun and zero regrets.

This was an opportunity for me to take stock, drink a lot, party amongst other things. The most important lesson I learnt, was Ubuntu. I was invited to parties, dinners, cookouts all because people didn’t want me to be bored.

While the invites were fun, I will not trade the time I spent alone for anything. I had been struggling with a few emotional things and this time helped me heal, laugh, love and learn. I remembered there is no greater love than self-love. One morning I was walking on the beach and it just hit me: I am so amazing! Yeah!! Amazing! I am beautiful! Aha! I am smart!   I am complete all on my own! At that moment everything else seemed very trivial and insignificant, I mattered more than anything!

I took a selfie of my unwashed smiling face, put on Gazza’s-Sunrise and danced laughing

dancing, laughing,

danced and laughed!



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