Letter to the daughter I probably will never have

So at the beginning of this month I decided to say to stuff… Do I regret it? Just a little bit..

So I met a few people and said yes to stuff! But what I didn’t anticipate on was falling for the wrong person in the process. Lessons learned…

So my daughter this is for you:

1. Never accept less than you deserve, you will meet a lot of people. Some with insecurities you will never heal them because they have carried them for years, just be yourself. Never shrink for anyone. Follow your true North wherever that points. If a person has been cheated on and thinks you will do the same, run! That person isn’t ready for you or your love! They will always assume you will do the same. Leave them, no matter how much you love them. You can’t heal people, only time and allowance by the individual will heal them.

2. Don’t fall into the trap that you have to be a certain way to be a woman! Fuck it!!! You are a woman, dance to your own rhythm. Don’t worry about the expectations, they will catch on!

3. Health is a blessing, don’t jump into burning fires in the name of love! Know your status and that of your partner. If they don’t want to test or disclose, run!! You will thank yourself in the future!

4. Love comes softly… Gently.. It’s not imposing or proud, it’s gentle. You will know this when you feel it, it can’t be explained. Do not stay because it’s convenient or seems good, again follow your true North. If love seems imposed, it’s not it. The guy you meet at the end of the night in some concert isn’t it, you will meet the one at that start of the concert. Trust me! He will be gentle and look at you as if you were Nandi herself!!!

5. Never lose yourself in the name of love. Real love will allow you to do things. Never allow a guy to stop you from being with there for your friends in the name of love! That’s just possessive and it can never be healthy! Love is free and is offered with no conditions except “I love you and want you to be happy”.

6. If you going to date an older guy make sure he can match your sexual appetite! I don’t think I need to explain this, so I will leave it here….

7. Most importantly, love yourself my darling!!! Love you!! Do what makes you happy, for you!!! Again the right person will catch up!!!!! If not, at least you would have loved your life and experienced happiness in your own terms…

This isn’t the complete list but lessons learnt so far…




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