Woman “mbokodo” you are on your own….

As a woman, a  young girl I was brought up to believe my father was my protector, provider and the guy who knew everything about anything. I always felt safe in my house even if a a lion could enter my house, my dad would kill before it got to me! Yep!

Was I sold a lie? Is that not what a man is? A protector? If the answer is yes then explain this:

1. Why do we have a video of an underage girl in an unfortunate situation  trending on Twitter? Underage 13! Why watch it? What do you want to see there? Is that how you treat your little sisters as well? Do you peak through their doors when they bathing as well? A grown ass man watching an underage girl? Sies!!! Amanyala!!!!

2. 8 women have been raped by the SAME group of men in a known taxi!! 8!! Where the fuck are our police? Why has it become normal for a woman to keep quiet than to speak up? Is it because you will not believe us? Or you will dump us cause you can’t deal with the shame? How is it my shame????

3. A woman was gang raped by 3 men, one guy comments ” Looking at her clothes she was asking for it, I would have joined them” Why does it matter what I was as wearing when I got raped? Do we need a “women dress code” if so please enlighten us as to how it should look. Is it because you can’t control yourself??? Fucken go buy it if you don’t know how to “court” a woman! Yes I said court!!!

4. The Spur incident? Must I even ask??? MEN stood by and watched a man threaten a woman??? MEN STOOD BY and took the video instead of intervening!!! Shaka must be turning in his grave!!

The very same men complain that we disrespect  them when we decide to do shit ourselves! Successful woman has become synonymous with lonely, sad spinster who needs get laid! These stereotypes are perpetrated daily by the grown ass men who don’t own shit, rape us, disrespect us, mistreat us but decided they going to sit on their ass all day and wait for the woman to provide for them! No wonder them we don’t respect you, we have taken your place!

Sold a dream or not, this can’t continue to be a status quo! Women must be allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies and lives whenever they want. It’s time for the men to introspect. Is this the world they want? Do we want little girls to feel unsafe in our world? If so, why even bring them to this world?

We need MEN, not to complete us or rape us but to partner with us! To protect us! To fight with and for us! We need men that are going to speak up against this violence!

MEN take your place! Find your place! All religion in the world talk about respect, not only for yourself but for others too! We are also human! WOMEN ARE HUMANS TOO!!!!!

WOMAN, unfortunately for now… You on your own…..


One thought on “Woman “mbokodo” you are on your own….

  1. This is a sad reality to deal with. Not to make excuses on their behalf but I think the man of the current generation ( well I speak for black men) didn’t have the proper examples of how a real man behaves, how he treats his women or what is expected of him. Most men of our generation grew up without fathers, their fathers were either in the struggle or they were busy chasing skirts all over the country! This left them with the loafing uncles who raped kids, the loafers who beat their woman and the loafers who were busy chasing skirts. This could probably be the reason they are a wounded generation, as I mentioned it’s not about making excuses for them but it’s about recognizing the symptoms of a disease so we can try to heal or find the cure for the next generation!


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