At Ease….

This past weekend after weeks of feeling overwhelmed and tired, I went on a retreat. Shut my phone and decided I am just going to meditate and be in nature.

I had the best weekend, did lots of reading. One book in particular spoke to me “Elizabeth Gilbert- Big Magic”. I liked the part of about the myth of the tortured artist and how many artists self-destruct because if this notion. A tortured artist is an artist who believes his muse is sadness, anger, drugs, alcohol, drama and all that stuff! She says this myth is not just totally unfounded but also the reason we lose most valuable artists, Heath Ledger, Dylan Thomas and many others. The way she sees it is your talent should excite you and not cause you pain or suicide.

This was a eureka moment for me! The wat I see it, we an go around sad and unhappy with our lives or we can just decide we want to be happy and be happy, after all happiness or unhappiness are exterior things and we decide how we want to feel. If I am unhappy it’s because I looked at a situation and decided it makes me unhappy! Your soul cannot be unhappy or happy, you decide. The Buddhist meditation teaches us to be mindful of our thoughts. The mind always wonders and we can choose to either control a thought or not. And if you choose the later it is so liberating!!! Like being a spectator! Let’s face it no problem ever vanished because you stressed over it!

So I choose to treat what I do with love, respect and happiness and allow it to bring me joy. All the thoughts that come to mind, I will look at and choose how I want to feel about them. I hope I always choose happiness and keep on keeping on


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