Girl interrupted part 2


Recently I’ve been excited about life in general. I’ve been teaching myself to let go of things and people that no longer help me grow it inspire me. The process has not been an easy one. At first it was very chaotic! I wanted to go back to the familiar, basically to what I know but I realized I can’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results! So recently I sat down an took stock of my life and evaluated what I need and don’t need anymore. Here’s a few things

1. I don’t need people that only call when they are stuck somewhere and need my help. I had a few of these, you give them business advice and lend them money all in the name of being a good friend but you never see it again! When I want help suddenly they are so busy and business is so busy that they can’t even spare a second to assist.

2. The ones that always find fault with your life choices. Why can’t you be normal? You are so weird! Maybe your standards are too high! I think you are a bit crazy! You did that? Really? Why? You not ladylike enough! I can’t deal with this anymore, I am not here to impress you. You chose your lifestyle now allow me to do the same. Just because my sins are not hidden like yours don’t give you the right to judge mine!!!!

3.fear! I choose to let go of fear. You know the kind that cripples you, prevents you from doing anything cause there are so many people who come with their bullshit experiences about how it can’t work. “I tried it het, it’s very hard! You will never make it! Be realistic;what are the odds?” Heard this all before but I choose to go after what I want and if I fail;cool atleast I would have tried and learnt what works and what doesnt and I will go again. I don’t want to be at my deathbed and wonder what could have been. I would rather say “I don’t believe I did that!!”

Those are the 3 I can think of how, more later!

By no means am I saying I am self-sufficient but I choose to do me!



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