If I told you I know the future, would you believe me?

So I decided this one time to go and see a psychic. I was on holiday and fighting with my then boyfriend over some trust issues he had cause I went on holiday without him.

I see this old heavily made up woman sitting on a chair with her dog. There is a coldness that oozes from her but the dog is warm and inviting. Another chubbish woman joins her for her reading. She shuffles her cards, let’s her choose a set of 3 stacks and then she Starts speaking to her. The chubby woman starts to cry…. She smiles and after about 30 minutes she thanks the made woman, smiles again and leaves.

It’s at that moment that i convince my friend we need to talk to this woman, maybe she might give us some insight on our futures like she did the other woman.

i go tell her I would like a reading and she tells me I need to pay upfront. I pay and sit down beside her. She asks me to shuffle my cards and separate into stacks  of 3. She then asks me what I would like to know about, I say career, health and love life.

About my career she tells me I should watch out for being robbed financially since I am a woman who might be paid less than my male counterparts. She also tells me I must make sure when I buy the house I am in the process of buying to cross the ts and dot the i’s. This makes sense and I agree.

on health she tells me I am healthy but need to watch for my head and digestion. This is generic to all Gemini’s if you follow that kind of stuff.

On love life she asks me if I am fighting with anyone special? I say yes I am(intrigued as to how she knows this). She asks me why I don’t look sad about it? I tell her I hadn’t thought about it. She tells me my lover is not the person I am meant to be with… I am left with an open mouth!! She tells me the guy isn’t ready to settle down the way I am!!!! I pick another card, and I am told I will find love but first there is going to be an affair, specifically I will enter into an affair😳. This leaves me speechless and thinking this woman is crazy! I relatively love my boyfriend and will end up with him so I think.

Two months later I am moving into my new house and this male friend of mine helps me…. My boyfriend is awol. Says he is busy and can’t help and this isn’t the first time (he refused to go to a funeral and wedding with me). After the move I offer my new friend a drink and we end up closer than we were before (we kiss and fool around a bit). He starts frequenting my house while my boyfriend is roaming the clubs and insists he is busy.

Then one day my boyfriend comes over and finds my male friend at my house. It’s awkward but i assure him nothing going on between us.He leaves and a few days later I am at his house staring at him naked in the shower with another girl!! I have had an affair for about a month at this point, but have never been intimate with anyone so it’s technically not cheating. I think at least….

Should I have listened to the psychic and dump him two months before when I learned he wasn’t the one? Now I wonder and still wondering….





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